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Home Family DNA test, Sibling DNA test, Grandparent DNA test, Avuncular DNA test. DNA testing

Home Family DNA Kit~No Hidden Fees!

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Available for Delivery or Pick up in our Office.

Don't have the time to come to our office?

You can simply order a home DNA kit!

We will ship your kit anywhere in the US, or have it ready in our local office for pick up. With simple intructions of how to collect from the participants the package will include all supplies including shipping labels. Once you have completed the collection, just dropped the package to your nearest Fedex location. final results arrive in typically 3-8 business days.

*Test covers 2 Participants. Additional participants can be added for an extra cost. it is highly reccomended to include one Parent sample when available to increase the probability of relationship when available. A Parent sample will be added and tested at no additional cost.

*Informational DNA home kits testing results cannot be use for any type legality or in court.

*Delivery of results may be affected by weather conditions or shipping delays to the Laboratory.

easy and convenient!

Collection Instructions DNA Buccal Swabs.

Once You have pick up and received your kit simply follow this instructions:

*To maintain the integrity of the DNA sample, avoid eating, drinking, or smoking for about 20-30 minutes prior to swabbing. Doing so does not change the DNA or affect the result of the test, but foreign substances on a swab may negatively affect the ability to effectively extract the DNA.

  1. Fill out and complete the requested information on the provided sample envelopes for each participant.

  2. Working on a clean surface place gloves use 4 DNA collections swabs for each participant, by using 1 swab at a time for each side of the participant mouth(keep cotton swab away for contact any surface), open mouth and rub against swabbing firmly back and forth and up and down on the inside cheek wall for about 10-15 seconds minimum on each side of the participants mouth. be sure to rotate the swab. to prevent collecting excess saliva, avoid the gum area. To dry, hold and wave swab for about 60 seconds, then place it directly into the properly-labeled DNA sample envelope.

  3. Repeat step 2 with the remaining swabs, be sure to use all 4 swabs.

  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for each person.

  5. Place DNA sample envelopes inside the provided prepaid Fedex trackable envelope and drop it off at your nearest Fedex location. (DO NOT ship via USPS as your specimens will be lost)

  6. Results typically are available in between 3-8 business days. It's that simple!!

*Any questions please contact us at 1.866.234.7080 or via email: info@mypaternitydnaplus.com


  • What is a DNA Family Relationship Test?

DNA relationship testing can help you to determine whether biological links exist between you and your possible relatives. This type of test can be performed and determined between various degrees of relationships including siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

  • What is the difference between the Legal Test and the Informational DNA Home Kit only?

A legal test is court admissible. The identity of each individual tested is verified and the chain of custody is tracked. A third party performs the collection. Results are delivered within 3 to 6 business days. Informational or private test is for your own peace of mind and is not court admissible. An informational test can be collected by our professional collectors or even yourself with a home kit.

  • Does the mother or an available parent needs to be tested for a Family DNA case?

It is not required for the mother or a parent to be tested, but the mother’s or parent's sample when available can strongly increase the probability of the final results.

  • Can I use my testing results to obtain Child Support or any Legal Benefits?

Only Legal Paternity or Relationship test results can be used as a document to prove relationship for child support of social security benefits or any other type of legality where results could be accepted.

  • Are the results confidential?

Yes, results are only accessed through the communication channels indicated on the sample collection forms.

What would the results indicate?

The results will indicate the statistical probability of relationship by percentage probability & statistic. Understanding results for a sibling DNA test is a little tricky, since there can never be a straight “yes or no” answer in relationship testing. Calculations for relationships such as grandparent, avuncular (aunt/uncle), and siblings of relationship is given as a percentage in the report:

90%-92% or higher (depending of te relationship type): the relationship is supported by DNA testing, for Legal cases (such a Social Security benefits or others), is it important to ask the requesting agency of the acceptable percentange require to be considered for an acceptable relationship.

9% – 89%-92% (depending of the relationship type): inconclusive result, and additional parties need to be tested.

Below 9%: the relationship is not supported by DNA testing

If a probability of relationship (PRI) of 92% is given for a full-sibling test, the result could be understood as: “There is a 92% probability that the persons tested share a full sibling relationship.”

  • Is there any difference between Buccal Swab & Blood Paternity and Family DNA final result?

Both methods of DNA collection will provide the same accurate final results, Buccal swabs are nowadays the most preferred way to collect a DNA specimen, specially with small young babies and kids, the process is quick and painless.

*The above faqs are provided for informational purpose only and believe to be accurate. We recommend to also do your own research. My Paternity DNA Plus.com is not responsible for any innacurate information typos found or posted on any pages found on this site.

Home Family DNA test, Sibling DNA test, Grandparent DNA test, Avuncular DNA test. DNA testing