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Paternity DNA test, DNA testing

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*Test covers 1 Alleged Father and 1 Alleged Child, Additional participants can be added for an additional fee. 

Final results arrive in typically 3-6 business days. *Delivery of results may be affected by weather conditions or shipping delays to the Laboratory. Cannot be use for legal issues. 

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Collection Instructions DNA Buccal Swabs DNA Home Test Kit.

Once You have pick up and received your kit simply follow this instructions:

*To maintain the integrity of the DNA sample, avoid eating, drinking, or smoking for about 20-30 minutes prior to swabbing. Doing so does not change the DNA or affect the result of the test, but foreign substances on a swab may negatively affect the ability to effectively extract the DNA.

*Any questions please contact us at 1.866.234.7080 or via email:

Legal Paternity DNA 

Legal Paternity DNA test, DNA testing

Legal Paternity DNA Test

Legal Paternity DNA Test is  intended to provide final Laboratory results that can be use inside the Legal system and not limited to Birth Certificates, Child Support, Child Custody, Inheritance, and other purposes where the test can be admitted and accepted. 

*The samples are collected from each participant via  mouth swab. The collection process usually takes under 30 minutes. final results arrive in typically 3-6 business days.

*Test covers 1 Alleged Father and 1 Alleged Child, Additional participants can be added for an additional fee. Mother can be included and tested at the same appointment time at not extra cost.

*Delivery of results may be affected by weather conditions or shipping delays to the Laboratory. Mother can be included and tested at the same appointment time at not extra cost.

*for minors a legal guardian must be present at the time of collection. all parties must be properly identified.

*subject to collector availability.

Call 1.866.234.7080 for price.

Important tips before you order Legal DNA!

Legal cases requirements:

-Valid photo ID State (ID’s cannot be expired, not required for minor, yet recommended if available, passport, birth certificate)

-Legal Guardian for minors must be present at time of collection.

(Legal Guardian must be the biological Mother, Appointed Guardian with legal proof or documentation, Father listed on Birth Certificate on hand)

*If Father is listed on Birth Certificate and Mother is not available or willing to test, the Collection can be done without Mother been present.

Before you order:

1-Discussed with all parties availability and place decided to meet for the collection, it is preferable to have the collection done in 1 place but if not able, collection can be done in separate places (extra $50.00 per each location), it is recommended to have the non paying party to make the appointment 1st. At this point a payment will be require from the party responsible for the cost. 

2.-Please be aware that Collector will be taking pictures from participants. (Required for Legal Cases)

3.-If you have a court order or agreement, please e-mail to to follow any instructions that apply to your case. 

5-A full refund or a recollection will be offered in the event of shipping damage in transit, insufficient specimens upon laboratory arrival, any type of accident involving the collector, natural disaster or any forces beyond collector's control.

6-Results typically are available in between 3-6 business days, from date of specimen(s) arrival to the laboratory. In rare cases shipping delays may occur with Fedex and results may take longer to be reported. 

7-All testing are subject to company and laboratory terms & conditions. For a full description please follow this link:

8-A full payment must be made prior to collection date and time.


Paternity DNA test is the comparison of a child's genetic material to an alleged father's genetic material to determine the probability of them sharing a biological relationship. 

A legal test is court admissible. The identity of each individual tested is verified and the chain of custody is tracked. A third party performs the collection. Results are delivered within 3 to 6 business days. Informational or private test is for your own peace of mind and is not court admissible. An informational test can be collected by our professional collectors or even yourself with a home kit.

In many scenarios the absence of the alleged Father comes in play, in circumstances where the alleged father is missing or perhaps deceased, in this type of case Grandparent DNA test becomes a great tool to find paternity and relationship, other ways to find relationship DNA may involved Family DNA reconstruction, In some cases where the father is deceased the family can try to obtain blood of tissue samples that may it been collected from the Medical Review Officer or Hospital as well.

It is not required for the mother to be tested, but the mother’s sample is strongly recommended and improves statistical results.

Legal paternity test results can be used as a document to prove relationship for child support of social security benefits.

Yes, results are only accessed through the communication channels indicated on the sample collection forms.

The results will indicate the statistical probability that the alleged father is excluded or not excluded as the biological father.

Participants will fill out paperwork, pay for the test, a trained collector will take pictures, make copies of identification documents (*only for legal cases), non legal or informational cases does not required copy of identification, a buccal swab from each individual will be collected and place in separate envelopes and sealed at the presence of the dono(s).

Legal cases, Participants are required to bring photo identification for adults,  and birth certificate, social security card, or immunization records for minors. A Parent or legal  Legal Guardian must be present for any collection involving a minor. For non Legal cases/informational, no proof of identification is required, as results are only for informational purposes, and there no chain of custody involved.

Paternity Family DNA Testing has become one of the most accurate ways to identify Paternity, DNA testing in most cases offers a 99.99% to prove relationship between an alleged father and a child as well  of 0% when relationship must be excluded between the parties. Siblings and Grandparent DNA testing or final results varies in percentage due to the amount of variances sometimes not directly from the parent.

Yes, a large percentage of test is performed without the need of a collection from the mother, The child inherit an equal amount of DNA from the father and from the mother, A Paternity DNA without the mother will focus identifying DNA only from the Alleged father.

Both methods of DNA collection will provide the same accurate final results, Buccal swabs are nowadays the most preferred way to collect a DNA specimen, specially with small young babies and kids, the process is quick and painless.

Our office can coordinate appointments throughout our network and find the closest  location to you in the US territory. With our service,  parties samples can be collected in different cities with the peace of mind of professional facilities and staff.

Chain of Custody is a legal document that tracks the sample from the time of collection to the time it is tested. Each person that comes in contact with the sample is documented to trace the sample.

*The above  faqs are provided  for informational purpose only and believe to be accurate. We recommend to also do your own research. My Paternity DNA is not responsible for any innacurate information typos  found or posted on any pages found on this site.

Paternity DNA test, DNA testing